[solved] Can't login with opera browser after 4.6.x update

Hi there,

I’m curious, if I’m the only one facing that problem. After updating Matomo to version 4.6.0 or 4.6.1 I can’t login with opera browser. There always is a “an error occured” notification because the browser is not supported. Using Firefox is fine, so what can I do?

It seems this version made changes on supported browsers (due to progressive integration of Vue.js instead of AngularJs):

So now, for Matomo UI, Opera version must be 72+ instead of 12+

Ah okay, thanks for that hint. I am using opera on ubuntu from ppa package source and its stuck by version 71x. And so it fails the supported minimum of version 72 in the newest Matomo install. Fix it by manually upgrading opera.

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