[Solved]Annual pdf report?


Hi Piwik,

Happy new year! I’m sure it will be : new features, success, translations, and so on.

Happy new year to all of you that work or use piwik : when alternatives of this quality to google’s products exists, use it!

As a new year begun, I would have liked to be able to download an annual pdf report (of the past year of course!). But there exists only monthly and weekly report.
Would it be too greedy in ressources to generate an annual report? Even simple?

Thanks a lot (maybee I should open a ticket, but I thought it would be better to ask here first).

tcrxt (a soon-to-be french translator of piwik!)

Edit : I’ve just realized that my question was maybee : “can I donwload or send a report concerning a previous month or week, or even better : year?”

SOLVED : the next message gives the key. Simply update and follow the steps!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

If you select the “Year” in the calendar, then click “Download” the report, it will generate the report for the date currently selected, so it is possible to generate a Yearly PDF / Html report. Make sure you use Piwik 1.7 beta: 301 Moved Permanently


Works like a charm, thank you.

(Guille) #4

Works very well, thanks.