[Solved]After update, piwik shows empty reports but still get visitor logs populated


All is in the title, after the 2.4.0 -> 2.6.1 update, my piwik installation shows empty reports but still get visitor logs populated.
[attachment 1913 piwik.png]
Screen show empty report even when having visitors in the last 30mn (I updated yesterday, screen is from an hour ago)

I tried to replace all files with latest piwik from website and to empty browser cache, still nothing.
Any other ideas?


Do you have auto archiving switched off?

If yes you probably have to change your cronjob. You need to run /path/to/piwik/console core:archive instead of the old method.



Kah! Your answer led me to 2 problems:
first is the main one, comparing to docs, I saw no problem with my crontab command so I launched it without the logging part (so it output directly in terminal)
answer is: Piwik Console is known to be not compatible with PHP-CGI (you are using cgi-fcgi). Please execute console using PHP-CLI. For instance "/usr/bin/php-cli console …"
witch lead to the second problem: documentation is out of date (^_^; )

1st problem resolved by replacing php5.5 in command line with php5.5-cli

/usr/bin/php5.5-cli -d memory_limit=512M /path/to/stats/console core:archive --url=http://piwik.domain.tld/ > /path/to/stats/piwik-archive.log 2> /path/to/stats/piwik-archive-errors.log

witch repopulated stats.
2nd is up to piwik team =]

Thanks for the help :heart:

edit: now this is weird: only graphs have been populated:
[attachment 1920 piwik2.png]


Hmm, weird ideed. Did you already try one of the preset timeframes? Like day/week/month instead of the custom period? I vaguely remember having some fluke with the custom period once myself.


well… weirdly enough, without touching anything since last post, everything got populated now :S

Thanks anyway for the time and help =]