Social Media Scoreboard

Hello Community,
just had the idea, that it would be great, if Piwik would also monitor Social Media Channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo, Twitter etc. in order to track the growth of the followers, comments etc.

no one interested in that?

Do you mean something different than what you and I discussed a couple of days ago over here?

yes kind of! this post was just old and I normally push a little.

I want to track the following:


the social media platforms are doing that themeselves, but I want that to be done centrally since we have everything in one place than.

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I see. A dashboard without the analysis I proposed. Thanks for the clarification!

without analysis?

If piwik would gather all those info, like how many shares etc. this is for me an analysiis

The analysis I proposed in my idea would include centralizing that basic info, but would generalize those into the metrics of conversation, amplification, applause, and economic value (leveraging Piwik’s conversions/ecommerce). I’m inspired by the “True Social Metrics” app, but they don’t support Piwik.

is there any update on the process?

No progress on this. I wouldn’t be angry if someone else started work on it. :grin: I’ve done some basic planning, but haven’t laid down any code.

Any updates for now?

Update: Read more here. We are working on building something close to what rschildt had in mind, and I would like to invite you to share any ideas on the plugin topic on this forum. Any comments, suggestions or concerns are welcome.

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