Sites per affilate


I have several of sites and i get traffic from affilates sites to my sites,

i want to track the affilates sites that give traffic to my sites per affilate id or affilate name.

for example if for affilate id:“1” by the name:“james” i want to see all the sites that belong to “james” that give trafic to my site of course it need to be dinamic.

In that way i can track my affilates and see which affilate bring the most traffic to my sites and have the most conversions.

can i do it from piwik and configure the goles per affilate id or name and see all the sites that come from each affilate ?

Segmentation is what you are searching for I think.
The point “Referrers”->“referrerName”.
Though that way it is static, but it’s the starting point which I can provide (;

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thx for the help, but where exactly i configure the segment in the piwik script ?

Segments are usually typed into the URL.
If you want to check it more often it would probably be best to code a widget showing the graphs already using segments (as I don’t think you want your regular graph to not anymore display the usual data), but as I already implicated, that’s only the starting point I can provide you.

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Soon it will be available via UI: Segmentation: implement UI for adding/editing segments, and switching segments · Issue #2135 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

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