SiteMigration : not all the data migrated

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I used the plugin SiteMigration to transfer my piwik data to a new server. On the new server I just create the database, but with no data. So I just have records in the table option (129), in the table site (1) and in the table user (2). All other tables on the new server have 0 record.

So I execute the plugin on the source server. The migration works, no error. But when I compare the source db and the target db, there is some differences, especially on the tables log_action and log_link_visit_action. Look at this 2 pictures :

source :

target :

Furthermore when I compare the graph of the visits over time there huge difference :

on top the target, and on the bottom the source

So I would like to know if it’s normal, or if it’s a bug ?

Thank you

(Matthieu Napoli) #2

Hi, no date range was used for the migration (e.g. --date-from and --date-to)? Both Piwik where on the same version? Is it the latest version?

I have to admit this might be quite hard to debug :confused:

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Hi, thanks for your answer.

No, I didn’t use date range for the migration. And both piwik installations have the same version, which is the latest.

So I don’t understand from where is the problem.

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I’ve been thinking, and maybe the fact that I am on php 5.3.3 might causes this issue ?

Because I have issue with the auto archiving too. I can’t read the data that are archived.

So, is it possible that php 5.3.3 causes these two problems ?


(Matthieu Napoli) #5

Hi, sorry for the late answer. If you have the possibility to test with PHP 5.4+ it would be great

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No problem.

I will try to test with PHP 5.4+ next week to see if it works better. And I will post the result.