Site visits are not tracking

From September 15,2012 our sites visits tracking are drastically decreased . we found that Some times it is not tracking the visits also. Can you please help me on this .

Sai prasad

Thanks for the reply Matt .

            The script which was added to site worked  correctly  till September 15,2012 . But the same script is not tracking site visits now. is there any script change needed in latest update PIWIK 1.8.4 version.

What is your website? no there is no need to change the code, it should still work. Maybe there was a server change?

We have added a website (say Site1) in piwik (in our Account) and generated the PIWIK Script. Manually we have added that generated PIWIK script in that site1 for tracking.

here 593 is the idsite of site1 in piwik database.
some times it is tracking the visits and smoe times its not.
is ther any thing wrong in this script or do we need to change the “” with our application name ?

Please help me on this.Thanks

We are running Piwik 1.8.3. We are finding that piwik stats shows 50-70% fewer unique visits. In our web application we log user ids when they login. That’s how we descovered that Piwik data showed much fewer visits.

Under Privacy, we have “Do Not Track” disabled.

Any ideas where the problem may be?