Site search result pages with infinite scroll style

Hi team,

We recently configured Matomo to track site search & we are happy with the insights shown till date. We wanted some guidance/tips on how to get further insights for these usecases:

  1. The results are shown with pagination via cursor i.e. there no next page or so but Show more results. Is there a way wherein we can track for which search term, how many time the said button was clicked.
  2. Currently we show 10 records by default. On every click of the Show more results, 10 more records are fetched.Can we update the results count every time the button gets clicked (not hopeful, but looking for options)
  3. Support for search refinement - We provide a lot of filters/sort options for the users to refine the results set. What is the best way of tracking those. Currently, I’m thinking of creating a custom dimension for each filter but is there any other way. Is that feature in Matomo pipeline?

Hoping for a great conversation :smiley:
Thanks in advance!!