Site Search - clasify search engines

On my page, I have two search engines, which show different results. Is it possible to classify each search engine in order to on Site Search Dashboard, show from which search engine comes keyword?

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This is really a smart question :slight_smile: thanks for sharing.
Well, in Piwik there is nothing yet about a specific report for search engine 1 and search engine 2.
I am not 100% sure how to tackle this issue, but you could do a trick like adding a parameter to the request in order to make search engine 1 having a category=se1 whereas the other search engine will have a category called category=se2.
You could then use a segment in order to differentiate them.

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@RonanChardonneau thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I will try a trick with a parameter

No problem, another way of handling it would be to use another website tracking code, but to me it does not make much sense as it will need two Piwik tracking code and then twice more data.
In fact you can see it, when you define for the first time your website, they ask if you want to track site search so 1 website equals 1 search engine according to Piwik.