:SInstall error: Database Insufficient privileges

Hi all,

Have searched and read all the posts on this subject but was unable to locate a solution. To recap:

Error during initial install:

Please fix the following errors:

    Insufficient privileges. Database user must have following privileges: CREATE

    You can add these privileges by using a tool such as phpMyAdmin or 
by executing the right SQL queries. If you don't know how to do these
things, please ask your sysadmin to grant these privileges for you.

Other info:

[li] Shared hosting on Plesk v9.x on UnlimitedWeb Hosting
[/li][li] config.ini.php has not been generated yet by install script.
[/li][li] Contacted support and they verified mysql permissions are correct: “100% I checked the permission set this looked perfect, all table spaces had the correct ownership and passed the MYSQL permissions primer.”

Have used other install scripts on this shared hosting account which have created tables properly.

Any ideas?


The response received from the UnlimitedWeb Hosting support:

I would need to have a dev review this as from the server side it looks ok.

To which I requested they conduct this review. The response to the review enquiry:

Further to my review & testing in full to which I only managed to complete this AM permissions are 100% working perfectly.

It would seem I’m at a point where it’s not possible to use the install script for Piwik on this shared hosting account.

Where can I find the information so I may create the tables manually? I assume this may allow the use of Piwik.

Finally, are there any other actions the install script carries out that I need to do manually as well?


maybe you are missing the ALTER privilege?

Note: there is definitely a privilege missing and so your hosting company is wrong

Note: there is definitely a privilege missing and so your hosting company is wrong[/quote]


Thank you for your reply. Support just advised that while my shared hosting account’s permissions are ‘perfect’, other of their customers have installed and use Piwik without problem!

To my mind, logically, this would indicate a problematic configuration on the machine which hosts my account. Have replied with this observation and hope for a proper resolution.

The support at this web hosting company has, historically, been nothing short of superb. Hopefully the knowledge of first tier support people has remained at it’s unusually high level.