Since RC2 - my most heavily used site looses all stats depending on the date selection

This has been happening for a while with one of my sites. It would show no visitors/visits (for the life of the site, then 8, then 5, then 20, then 5, then 1, then 0.)

(We only started using Piwik a month ago - and it’s been great overall.)

Then when I updated to RC2 (we were on the beta channel), my most popular site started showing as no visits/pageviews (when there were a couple thousand of the later.) In some detailed views all the data for date ranges was missing.

I took some screen shots to show the inconsistencies:

By month:
[attachment 1453 ScreenShot2013-12-17at11.08.57AM.png]

By year:
[attachment 1454 ScreenShot2013-12-17at11.08.28AM.png]
(Note how goes to 0)

By date range for the last 30 days:
[attachment 1455 ScreenShot2013-12-17at11.25.16AM.png]
(note how now, despite a graph showing differently, now shows 0 visits/ 0 page views.)

Furthermore, since I usually use the “last 30 days” date range for normal viewing, when I go look at the site in detail, all the data is missing for browsers, server time access, etc. etc. When I switch the date-range mode to year or month or something else, the data comes back, albeit inconsistently.

The server is currently running 2.0 as of just now and the reports are calculated at most once every hour (though not a cron job.)

Here is more proof of the issue, including adjusting the date by 1 day changing everything:
[attachment 1461 ScreenShot2013-12-17at6.06.22PM.png]

And then:
[attachment 1460 ScreenShot2013-12-17at6.06.32PM.png] jumps from bottom to top… and yet the graph stays the same. The bug follows through all the reports (on the top one all browser/time/etc data is missing), once that day is added in (date range starts one day earlier) everything comes back.

Thanks for the report. Are all your websites set to the same timezone, or do you use different timezones?

Thanks for the reply - the sites are all set for the correct timezone (and all the same.) I’m happy to provide any other information/logs/details if it helps you.