Shows /index for many pages


For one of our clients the report pages seems to show /index for many pages, especially in hierarchial view.

It becomes quite hard to for example search for urls. I haven’t seen before that it is for so many pages.

Is there a bug or something wrong with how the script is implemented?

Sorry I don’t understand your needs. Can you illustrate your problem with some screenshot?

I mean that many pages have the url /index instead of the correct url. It only shows if the report is hierarchial.

Unfortunately I do not have have screenshots.

Do you use JavaScript framework as Angular, Vue or other? In this case, Matomo will, by default, track the page URL visible in the address bar…

Maybe with some configuration on Matomo server you can get some search parameters or hash:

Or else you can change the tracking URL during tracking:

Alright, thanks for the answer.

I think we have identified the problem. Our clients cms adds a slash at the end of every url. Matomo will then name the url /index in the report. I think if we remove the slash Matomo will show the correct url.