Showing map of visits by region doesn't work

(Marcin Gajda) #1

I’m using Matomo 3.7.0 and the map widget doesn’t work for me on the region level. Everything is OK for the countries:

but when going to voivodeships level no visits are geolocated:

When loading the map I’m getting the same number of warnings as the number of regions in given country:

Those number make sense as numbers of visits in given regions. Also the API returns proper data too:

In the visitors logs users cities are also showing correctly. I’m using the PHP version of GeoIP 2 database upladed on the server manually by me.

I couldn’t find a solution on the Internet so I’m asking here: do anyone know how to fix this problem?


(Lukas Winkler) #2


This sounds pretty much like the same issue as in


Matomo has recenctly switched to GeoIP2 and therefore also ISO regions. Unfortunatly in some countries they are different than the FIPS codes that were used before. The Matomo update converted all data correctly (thats why you can see it correctly in the API).

But the maps in Matomo still use the old codes and are therefore not working all the time.

There is an ongoing work to completly pdate all Maps in Matomo and this will also fix this issue:

(Marcin Gajda) #3

Yes, those looks like the same problem. It’s great that there is something going on slowly on this topic in the PR. Thank you for the answer.