showColumns for custom variables - possible?

I am trying to generate a report from visitor log using the API. I assume that column names are what is generated with an export. When entering in certain of the column names, the report either doesn’t generate results or does not include the specified columns. More importantly, I want to include custom variables and no matter how I enter those names, I cannot get them in the report (they are in the default).

For example, I included this string: visitorId,idVisit,type,url,pageTitle,pageIdAction,serverTimePretty,pageId,generationTime,icon,goalConversions,siteCurrency,siteCurrencySymbol,serverDate,visitServerHour

and only these showed in the report: idVisit visitorId goalConversions siteCurrency siteCurrencySymbol serverDate visitServerHour serverTimePretty

Please advise as to the correct syntax.


Hi there,

could you post a URL that shows the bug on the demo?
maybe you can directly create an issue at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
if you think it is a bug

Sorry for the incompetence here, but how would I create an API call on the demo site without a token, if that is what you are asking. Or is there a way to log in?


The demo has some websites available to all, see:
you can use token_auth=anonymous

After playing around with the demo and my site, what it appears I need is a listing of the actual column names that can be used in the URL. If an incorrect name is specified (for example, the Excel export includes items in () that are not the actual column name), either none or some columns are exported.

I specifically am interested in the names that would be used for Custom Variables. In my export, I get column names such as actionDetails_1_customVariables_1_customVariablePageName1. Is the column name customVariablePageName1 or something else.