Show visitor flow with User Flow Plugin emanating from a particular page / URL?

I’m not sure if User Flow Plugin does what we need.

We need to see a visitor flow with the next couple of interactions emanating from a specific page / url, like Independent from what was the visitor doing before this specific page.

At Segments I cannot find any suitable trigger / filter.

Transitions inside of Behaviour is limited helpful.

Please advise.

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Are there any updates on ?

I’m still looking for a solution to look at a user flow backwards.

Hi Pat,

Thanks for coming back.

As I understand it, you would like users flow to have the first interaction to be for example a cart page then view the users flow after this point? You can explore each page individually then add up to 20 steps there after. There isn’t a way to exclude the pages prior to the cart page.


Hi Jason, thank you so much for your reply.

I am looking for the opposite case.

I want to know what is the flow to and NOT after.

Basically user flow plugin, but backward.

I hope this clarifies.

Hi Pak,

You might actually be after funnels. You will have a predefined route for your customers journey to the cart. The funnel will show where this may not be working. You can find out more about funnels here: Funnels User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll check this out.

Hi Jason,

I would love to know how I can explore each page individually to see which pages the users visit after. I have to make a custom report ? I’ m looking something similar to what you can do in Google Analytics 4 with the User Path dashboards, where you can set the page you want as starting point of the User Flow. Thank you,


Hi @IgnacioPEREZ ,

Please review Previous page in custom report - #13 by bjornso

Hi @karthik ,

I reviewed the article and, unfortunately, it’s not what we look for. Our goal is not only to see the previous or the next page from a certain page, we look for a dashboard where we can see multiple interactions starting from a certain page we chose as it’s showed in the GA4’s Users Path Exploration dashboard. So my question is related with the fact that if it’s possible to customise the Matomo’s User Flow dashboard in order to not start the flow from the first page the user visits, but to be able to select another page (what in GA4 would be called as “Starting Point” or “Ending Point” ) and analyse which pages the user visit after or before respectively having more than one step, i.e., showing more than one interaction (as it’s called in the Matomo’s User Flow dashboard). Could you tell me if this customisation is possible ? Is there a workaround to achieve this?

Hi @IgnacioPEREZ ,

Please review Userflow It may be helpful for you.

Hi @karthik,

We have already reviewed that report and conducted extensive research across the Matomo website and forum. Unfortunately, there isn’t any mention of a solution for what we are seeking. Our goal is to set a specific page as the starting or ending point within the User Flow dashboard, similar to what we can do with other tools like Piwik PRO, Mixpanel, or Google Analytics.

Is it possible to achieve something like this with Matomo? Thank you very much for your assistance.

Hi @IgnacioPEREZ ,

can you please explain in detail what exactly is needed as far as the feature is concerned, and when would that be useful, so that I can create a feature request.

Hi @karthik ,

Thank you for your attention to my inquiry. I’d like to explain in more detail what I’m looking for in the User Flow dashboard and why it would be useful for our analytics needs.

Our objective is to have the flexibility to set a particular page within our website as the “Starting Point” or “Ending Point” for the User Flow analysis in Matomo. This means being able to select a specific page, regardless of whether it is the first page visited by the user or not, and then analyze the flow of interactions that occur after or before this chosen page. Essentially, we want to examine multi-step user journeys originating from or leading to the selected page.

This feature would be highly beneficial for understanding user behavior and conversion paths within our website. It allows us to identify potential bottlenecks, discover popular navigation routes, and optimize the user experience. We have encountered this capability in other analytics tools like Piwik PRO, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics, and we believe having this functionality in Matomo would greatly enhance our data analysis process.

If possible, we would like to request the addition of this feature to the User Flow dashboard in Matomo. Having the ability to select a specific page as the starting or ending point would provide us with more comprehensive insights into our user engagement and website performance.

Thank you for considering our request, and we appreciate your assistance in exploring the feasibility of implementing this customization.

Best regards,

Hi @IgnacioPEREZ ,

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I have created a feature request, and if our product team sees other requests like yours to make changes, that may change. I can’t make any promises what the future holds, so I want to be honest about our current plans here.

Hi @IgnacioPEREZ ,

Have you tried Funnels?

Hi @karthik ,

Absolutely, we have indeed experimented with Funnels, and they do present an intriguing option for analyzing user behavior when we want to track specific pre-defined page sequences. However, our current objective differs in this scenario. Our focus is not solely on analyzing whether users have visited predetermined pages, but rather on gaining insights into the pages they navigate through during their entire journey within the application. This exploration sets the stage for subsequent analyses, potentially including Funnel analysis. The challenge we face is that we lack visibility into the pages users have visited before reaching certain points in our application. This is precisely why the ability to designate a particular page as the starting point within the User Flow would be tremendously valuable to us.

Another aspect of Funnels that poses a limitation for us is the requirement to define a step-by-step progression between the starting and ending points. Given that our current focus involves exploratory analysis of user behavior, we ideally seek the flexibility to investigate varying quantities of steps. This adaptability would significantly enhance our ability to thoroughly understand user journeys within the application.

However, I sincerely appreciate your concern and recommendation. Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:

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Hi @IgnacioPEREZ ,

Added your response to the feature request ticket.


I’d like to second this request. This would be a really nice feature to have for us as well!

Hi @jonasxm ,

I have added your request to the ticket which is in our backlog.