Show only reports for a specific country

How can I make it so that I can filter out reports for only a specific country. We just need users reports for a specific country.

Thanks in advance!!


I’d recommend you to take a look at the segmentation feature:

Also the country im looking for Seoul, South Korea is not on the list of country filter :frowning: . What can I do?


If you want to filter by city: For me city is Seongnam-si (Buljeong-ro) works. Interestingly it is the only south Korean city I can see in my Matomo instance, so the GeoIP might be incorrect there.

Thank you for the reply.

As you can see in the video I will show you below, I cannot add the segment and I do not know why. Could you help please?

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Very weird that the segment menu closes when you click on the suggestion. Can you try entering the name manually and then clicking on save and apply?

I have entered city as the name and have tried editing it by adding the city but does exactly the same :frowning:

I meant instead of clicking on Seongnam (which seems to be where the bug is), try to enter that text into the text field.

Can you also report which browser you are using and if you see any error in the developer console of your browser when you click and the window closes.

So the browser im using is chrome.
Does this mean that its working?


If you don’t enter the name exactly as it is written in the database, you need to use “contains” instead of “is”.

Interestingly it works fine for me in a fresh Chromium installation:

Yeah… I cannot find the reason why I cannot click…
But this means that it is still working right?


The last video is looking good as you can see the filtered reports.

Thank you for helping me out!! I really appreciate it!! :slight_smile: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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