Show a tracker icon

(Danya ISS) #1


I was just wondering, is it possible to config Piwik to show a tracker icon to show to the public?
Like most statistic sites. I want to show my stats to the public via a little icon with a link to the stats.
Thank you in forward!

(Danya ISS) #2

Is this question so difficult to answer? I guess I’m not the only one wanting to show the stats to the public?

(vipsoft) #3

Yes, it’s possible.

You just need to add a snippet of HTML to your pages (and perhaps some CSS to style it), e.g.,

<a href="YOUR_PIWIK_SITE_URL"><img src="YOUR_ICON_URL"></a>

Piwik doesn’t do this for you, in order to support (i.e., track visitors using) older browsers, and to avoid messing up your pixel perfect layout.

(natedigby21) #4

Thanks for the solution. It’s a great help for us to show our stats to the public.

Thanks admin!