Sharing Reports while Maintaing Privacy


We have been using Piwik to share region specific visitor data with our company representatives all over the world. In order to protect the privacy of the data we set up the report in javascript generated iframes, as this allows for the report generating URL and authentication token to be hidden.

One problem with this method is that if one attemps to export the data, the entire url (including authentication token) becomes visible.

So my two questions are:

  1. Is there any way to disable the export of data links?

  2. Is there an easier way to go about sharing regional report data using the interactive piwik tables while maintaing privacy?


By sharing reports do you mean exactly ? which links are leaking the token? The API links contain the token indeed maybe it is what you mean?

you can disable the “Widgetize” plugin to remove the link :“Widgets” at the top if it helps.

Sorry for my lack of clarity. I am sharing widgets of the visitor log. These widgets are loaded on seperate pages via iframes, which are generated by javascript,so that I can obfuscate the widget/API URL.

This strategy has worked to ensure that the widget/API URLs can’t be modified by the viewer to gain access to the data of other regions.

The only problem is, when the viewer goes to export the visitor log data, the widget/API URL, including the auth token is revealed.

So what I am wondering is:

  1. Is there anyway to disable the export data option on visitor log widgets

  2. Is there any other way to share regional visitor logs while maintaing the privacy of the data.


Any thoughts?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to do what you wish, since by design, widgets require the token_auth and all widgets source code contain the token_auth as well… sorry. You may contact for advanced help by piwik team.

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