SharePoint Online Modern Sites Matomo App installed but didn´t work

Hello all,

I am at a loss and need your help :slight_smile: . We have set up a new Matomo server at the beginning of the year. This is supposed to track SharePoint Onprem and SharePoint online pages. Since we only have modern sites in use, we downloaded the Matomo App. The tracking worked on both environments without any problems. This means that the app was installed via shell command and the site was tracked. Recently I noticed that I can install the app on the new Sharepoint Onine site, but it does not load. This means that in the developer tools of the browser you can see that Piwik is not loaded under the sources and nothing arrives at the Piwik server. With the pages at the beginning of the year everything is fine. These are also tracked. In the Onprem world, everything is also running perfectly. I downloaded the new app version from the Matomo page and deployed it in the App Catalog. However, this made no difference to the newly rolled out Sharepoint online page. Authorisation when installing the app is correct in any case. I cannot explain it to myself. Can it possibly be that MS has deposited new security? I hope someone can give me a tip.