Share matomo with webmaster

Hi. I install a matomo on FTP, next to the client’s website. I have 50 clients. Is there any possibility for the client to share his matomo and I have all my clients on one URL?

It would be ideal if I could have a Matomo installation on FTP. In the administration he created all the websites of clients, but the statistics would have to be stored in the database on the client’s web hosting. Not with me. Both for size and GDPR.

There is a possibility?

Sure is
Make a new user and send him/her the details. Right hand Dashboard > add a new user.
You have to check if the new user has rights to view just his/her sites.

Thank you. But that’s not it. I meant it differently.

I have 50 clients. Each client has a domain with a web and creates a matomo on the FTP website. Can I do somehow to see all clients with a matomo in one place? So I don’t have to look for browser tabs and register in your favorite bookmarks? Something like a client shares his Googleads and you can see his ads in your account …