Share custom dashboards with others

Dear community,

I am the admin of Matomo in my organization. Some users with view access have created custom dashboards and would like to share them with their team. However, sharing dashboards requires superuser access. I am unable to see those dashboards as a superuser. Is there any workaround to share them with the other team members without having to recreate the dashboard myself every time?

Also, what happens if this dashboard is updated by one user? Is it also updated to all users?


AFAIK, yes…

See also:

Thank you. And do you have any idea how one can share the custom dashboard?

As mentioned here one needs to have a superuser access to share a custom dashboard. However, I am not going to give superuser access to anyone who wants to share his custom dashboard with others. It’s pity that superuser can’t manage all custom dashboards created by others.

It seems it is not possible yet, but this feature is planned to be developed in the future (cf. GitHub feature request)

Ok, Thank you for your answer. This is very helpful!