:SGetting data per url

Hello there,

I am interested on a “page based analysis”.
I want to know the percentage distance to a specific target (Key Performance Indicator)”

1)I will need to know the time spent per each visitor on each page.
SOmething like:
http://toto.com/pipo.html | Visitor 1 (i don t care the name)| 20 seconds
http://toto.com/zaza.html | Visitor 1 (i don t care the name)| 10 seconds
http://toto.com/zaza.html | Visitor 2 (i don t care the name)| 60 seconds

2)Number of time I am displaying a result .versus number of time clicked
My website presents results; I would like to count the number of time each is displayed

http://toto.com/pipo.html | displayed 20 times | clicked 1 time
http://toto.com/zaza.html | displayed 30 times | clicked 10 time

Any idea how easy I can do that.

is there someone on this forum ?

We’re going to change the time spent on page calculation. [Support Ping requests to report a better ‘time on page’ · Issue #2041 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub] Otherwise, a lot of your single page visits are going to say 0 seconds (i.e., bounce).

For your second report, we track page views. What do you mean by “click”?

  1. This will be available in 1.3 in the Live! plugin API response (for each visit, the list of page views and the time of each page view)

Thanks for the answer Anthon and Matt,

1)I have checked the track and #2041 is exactely what I need.

2)In my case when I talk “clicked” it is the same as page viewed in Piwik.

Also what I am trying to do is prety much like in google :wink: :
-i have a liste of results presented to the customer
-then the customer is going to “click on one of the links”

I want to know the click ratio like in google ad words for example.

Number of time a link (or page) is visited
/ Number of time the link is presented(displayed)

To track such click, which is a bit like a special page view, you can use the Tracking API in PHP in your ‘redirect script’.

OR you can track in JS using trackPageView, and then redirect the user to the link (see enableLinkTracking code in piwik, you will need to understand JS etc.)

ps: 1) is now available in latest RC 301 Moved Permanently

Dear Matt,
Thanks for the answer.

2)Maybe I haven t been so precise in my description :frowning:
For the “click” wich are = Number of time a link is visited, I believe this is standard in piwik.

What I am looking for is the number of time I am displaying a result; If you look here I am displaying 6 pictures :
Web site house renting
I would like to count the number of time each of this 6 pictures/results are displayed to users…
(then compare it to the number of time visited)
I was even wondering if I could use goals. About 20 000 goals to set…

  1. I will definitelly try the RC (ps I didn t see #2041 in the tracker release)