Several scripts to display Matomo stats in IOS as a widget

Script 1: Detailed Analytics Widget

  • Displays current and previous 7-day visitor and page view counts.
  • Shows percentage changes in visitors and views.
  • Utilizes a visually engaging design with emojis for easy comprehension.
  • Customizable widget background and text colors.

Script 2: Weekly Summary Widget

  • Provides a quick summary of today’s, yesterday’s, this week’s, and last week’s visitor counts.
  • Focuses on simplicity and ease of understanding.
  • Ideal for a quick glance at recent visitor trends.

Script 3: Real-Time Visitor Insights Widget

  • Concentrates on displaying real-time visitor data from Matomo analytics in a dynamic and engaging format.
  • Presents up to eight most recent visitor interactions, including specific details such as visit time, country, number of actions, and more.
  • Offers a comprehensive snapshot of visitor behavior, including device type, operating system, browser type, and IP address.
  • Tailored for users who require immediate, up-to-date insights into website traffic and visitor interactions.
  • The widget’s layout is optimized for readability and quick analysis, making it perfect for on-the-go assessments of site activity.

Download and use:

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