Several issues with Two Factor auth

(Bjarne Oldrup) #1

After updating to matomo 3.8.0, I tried to activate two factor for my admin user.

Immediately after enabling two-factor, I was prompted to enter my password, and presented with “wrong password” error.

I logged out and back in, to verify I was remembering my password right - still got the error when attempting to enable two-factor.

I tried logging in with both my username and email, same thing.

Checked at the plugin was active, and tried to read the info on two factor linked (see screenshot)

All in all, no success in enabling two factor nor any real clues on why not.


Are you using any custom login plugin?

(Bjarne Oldrup) #3

Nope - only around 34 core plugins bundled with matomo:

“list of plugins (in order they will be loaded) that are activated by default in the Matomo platform
Default: CorePluginsAdmin, CoreAdminHome, CoreHome, WebsiteMeasurable, IntranetMeasurable, Diagnostics, CoreVisualizations, Proxy, API, ExamplePlugin, Widgetize, Transitions, LanguagesManager, Actions, Dashboard, MultiSites, Referrers, UserLanguage, DevicesDetection, Goals, Ecommerce, SEO, Events, UserCountry, GeoIp2, VisitsSummary, VisitFrequency, VisitTime, VisitorInterest, ExampleAPI, RssWidget, Feedback, Monolog, Login, TwoFactorAuth, UsersManager, SitesManager, Installation, CoreUpdater, CoreConsole, ScheduledReports, UserCountryMap, Live, CustomVariables, PrivacyManager, ImageGraph, Annotations, MobileMessaging, Overlay, SegmentEditor, Insights, Morpheus, Contents, BulkTracking, Resolution, DevicePlugins, Heartbeat, Intl, Marketplace, ProfessionalServices, UserId, CustomPiwikJs”