Several Google Ads Account for independent sites - Paid Advertising Performance Plugin

I have a question regarding the Paid Advertising Plugin.
The required Google Ads Manager Account can have many Subaccounts.
My Matomo Configuration can also have many sites.

I would create for each Matomo site I have in my Google MCC account one relevant advertiser.

  1. Google MCC
    1.1 Google Ads Account A (for Matomo SiteID1 . com)
    1.2 Google Ads Account B (for Matomo SiteID2 . com)
    1.1 Google Ads Account C (for Matomo SiteID3 . com

In each ad account, I create campaigns that send the user to the assigned website.

Would this keep the reports clean?
I don’t want to see Campaigns, Click, etc… from Ads Account B in eg.
Does the plugin show always every campaign in every site?

Because the Developer Token is based on the MCC and the plugin is also automatically installed for every Matomo site.
So I don’t know if this would also provide the data automatically to every Matomo site.
Which I would like to avoid.


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