Setting up queued tracking plugin with multiple CRONs and individual queue ids

Hi @matthieu, @thomas_matomo, Matomo engineers and community members

I have a Matomo setup running with high traffic (around 5 million events per day)

The setup uses the queued tracking plugin & Redis to handle traffic peaks before being writing tracking requests to MySQL

The queued tracking plugin is currently setup with 2 workers handling 50 requests/second. A CRON is processing the queue every minute.

At the peak I can see one queue with requests that are about 2 hours behind

After going through the forums I see that I need to setup multiple CRONs and specify a queue id for each CRON for this kind of traffic

“Also make sure to register each cronjob with a different queue-id like :process-queued-requests… queue-id=0 and another cronjob with --queue-id=1 and many more up to one with queue-id=15. This should generally improve speed as well”

The original poster here was asked to do the same. The system in question also had high traffic

Is there any official documentation on how to set this up? Wasn’t able to find any. Currently using Matomo 3.13.4