Setting up a Google Analytics Import


bei der Einrichtung des Google Analytics Import bekomme ich folgende Fehlermeldung.

{ "reason": "SERVICE_DISABLED", "domain": "", "errorInfoMetadata": { "consumer": "projects\/123456789", "service": "" }, "message": "Google Analytics Admin API has not been used in project 123456789 before or it is disabled. Enable it by visiting https:\/\/\/apis\/api\/\/overview?project=123456789 then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry.", "code": 7, "status": "PERMISSION_DENIED", "details": [ { "@type": "\/google.rpc.Help", "links": [ { "description": "Google developers console API activation", "url": "https:\/\/\/apis\/api\/\/overview?project=123456789" } ] }, { "@type": "\/google.rpc.ErrorInfo", "reason": "SERVICE_DISABLED", "domain": "", "metadata": { "consumer": "projects\/123456789", "service": "" } } ] }

Ich bin die Einrichtung mehrfach durchgegangen, und finde darin den Fehler nicht.