Setting to force only using archived data?

[General] browser_archiving_disabled_enforce=1

I haven’t found an exact answer to this yet:

If I enable this setting, will it guarantee that when browsing reports on the web, the reports will only used archived data? I plan to try it but looking for confirmation here as well.

We’ve been having a lot of issues with segments being selected and then choosing a custom date range followed by the reports failing to load.


I think that may also rely on some parameters in config file:

  • always_archive_data_day in [debug] section
  • always_archive_data_period in [debug] section
  • always_archive_data_range in [debug] section
  • archiving_custom_ranges[]
  • archiving_range_force_on_browser_request By default, Matomo will force archiving of range periods from browser requests, even if enable_browser_archiving_triggering is set to 0. This can sometimes create too much of a demand on system resources. Setting this option to 0 and disabling browser trigger archiving will make sure ranges are not archived on browser request. Since the cron archiver does not archive any custom date ranges, you must either disable range (using enabled_periods_API and enabled_periods_UI ) or make sure the date ranges users’ want to see will be processed somehow.
  • enable_browser_archiving_triggering This setting is overridden in the UI, under “General Settings”. The default value is to allow browsers to trigger the Matomo archiving process. This setting is only used if it hasn’t been overridden via the UI yet, or if enable_general_settings_admin=0
  • enable_create_realtime_segments By default, users can create Segments which are to be processed in Real-time. Setting this to 0 will force all newly created Custom Segments to be “Pre-processed (faster, requires archive.php cron)” This can be useful if you want to prevent users from adding much load on the server. Notes: * any existing Segment set to “processed in Real time”, will still be set to Real-time. this will only affect custom segments added or modified after this setting is changed. * users with at least ‘view’ access will still be able to create pre-processed segments, regardless of what this is set to.

Thank you for the info on those settings. I will look into using them / checking our current settings.