Setting parameters rows_to_display is not allowed

Since update to Matomo v4 beta, when changing the Times plugins data view from vertical bars to simple table, every attempt to change it back to vertical bars (or cake or anything else) causes this error:

[proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 2527367:tid 140304871044864] [client 123.456.789.123:9448] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: Error in Matomo: Setting parameters rows_to_display is not allowed. Please report this bug to the Matomo team.', referer:

The view changes, but when I browse to another tap and back to “Times”, both views are reverted to simple tables.

I should probably open a new issue, but additionally I cannot remove any metric from any (not just Times plugin) plot. I can select an additional metric, but hitting the tick icon does not remove the metric anymore.


I can’t reproduce the first one (neither in my development instance nor in one updated to the beta), but I can reproduce the second issue:

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The first issue has already reported here prior to beta:

EDIT: Second issue solved, many thanks!

First issue fixed with:

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