Setting default widgets in Controller.php?


I’m trying to figure out how to set the widgets that are loaded in the default dashboard (e.g., new user). We have to make the site 508-compliant, so I’m removing the erroneous widgets we don’t need (e.g., search engines, keywords, etc. – it’s an internal site so they’re not applicable) and want to add some new ones. Since blind users don’t use mice, they can’t add widgets to the dashboard very easily, so we need to make most of them come up by default.

The code I’m referring to is at the end of Controller.php:

protected function getDefaultLayout()
		$defaultLayout = '[

I’m trying to load the widget for the Visits summary (sparklines) by using this line:


My AJAX is not great, so if anyone can help me figure out how to identify the uniqueId (e.g., how do you know it’s “widgetVisitsSummarygetEvolutionGraphcolumnsArray”?? ) and the parameters, that’d be great…