Setting a custom SiteID

Hi again !

We have a solution that creates and hosts several websites per client, and deploys datas on mobile and kiosks apps. The thing is, we already have our own siteIDs, and I was wondering if it is possible to override Piwik’s siteIDs with ours (Ok,I know the answer 'cause of PK and AI on siteID column).

It would be much simpler for us to get statistics from mobiles and kiosk apps. (The C++ Tracking API is on its way btw)

As mention over here : Allow administrators to define a custom site ID · Issue #4920 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub it appears this is not on your roadmap for 2.xx version.
Since nearly a year passed since this post, have you thought about it yet?

I’ve considered creating a plugin, I’m sure we’re not the only ones in this case, but I would need to catch the request before Piwik Tracking API does. Plus I don’t know if it’s really in the “Piwik spirit” to do that. Any ideas?


Hi there,

Sure it would be possible to build a plugin for that. For plugins, you don’t need to care about the spirit of Piwik as much, since the goal of plugins is to let you innovate on top of the platform in a way that answers your business objectives :slight_smile:

so maybe give it a try and if you have questions, you can try ask here, or contract a professional to help you