.setRequestMethod('POST') and HostGator

While waiting on HostGator to whitelist the mod_security rule(s) that were preventing my piwik install from recording hits, I found Bug Ticket #1460 that indicated that using “POST” rather than “GET” for parameter passing would get around HostGators mod_security rules which at the time only affected $_GET parameters.

I altered the tracking code on a test domain to include piwikTracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’); Unfortunately, I was still getting 403 errors.

Once HG did the necessary whitelisting, all my sites started recording hits, including the test site using “POST”

So it looks to me that the suggested fix (also mentioned in the FAQ) of using .setRequestMethod(‘POST’) no longer applies to HostGator.


.setRequestMethod(‘POST’) is a new feature in Piwik 1.1.

OK, understood.
So the mention of .setRequestMethod(‘POST’) in the Troubleshooting FAQ is a bit premature.

Better to document it sooner than later. Some Piwik users use the bleeding edge dev version in svn. Plus, Piwik 1.1 will be released soon.