setEcommerceView: where is it displayed and stored?

Where can I see the results of a setEcommerceView push?

I have integrated the Piwik ecommerce calls into our Spree site (using GitHub - berkes/spree_piwik: Adds Piwik tracking with e-commerce tracking to Spree), but I am not sure if the setEcommerceView is working. I can see the abandoned cart information so I know that the addEcommerceItem push is working. But I don’t see any information recorded in piwik when I view a product page - I have look at both the piwik ecommerce section as well as monitoring the database tables.

So what should I see in the ecommerce activity log when a setEcommerceView is logged, and what database tables is it stored in?

If I have made a mistake with the setEcommerceView call should I see an error in the log files?


So we now have the setEcommerceView working. In answer to my questions about where the information is stored and where it can be viewed: it is stored as custom variables in the pw_log_link_visit_action table and can be viewed in the Ecommerce Log when your mouse hovers over a product page.