Set up GeoIP2 for Windows

Hi All,

We set up matomo on a windows server. I’d like to activate the GeoIP2 to geolocate users.
I had download both BD of maxmind and DBIP, I had activate the functionnality of BDIP / GeoIP2 (php) but it’s still not working and I think I forget a step.
where I can find a step-by-step documentation to correctly install and configure the GeoIP2 component?



What does the GeoIP settings page in Matomo say?

Does it say that it is set up correctly and can you see your location there?

The GeoIP setting page say that BDIP / GeoIP 2 (PHP) is installed but I still have no city identify.
It say that it’s installed but without my location.
But I had uploaded the db file, rename it.



Is your Webserver maybe behind a reverse proxy causing it to only see the IP-Adress of the proxy instead of the visitor?
Or (which is more likely), you are in the same network as the webserver which means Matomo can only see the private IP inside the network (10.201.x.x is I think a private network) which obviously doesn’t have any location.

I had to check the network configuration, matomo is installed on a VM on Azure which is in a vnet.


Yes the IP 10.201.x.x is in a private network, thats why we don’t see any location
But we I test to navigate in the website being out of the private network (like a consumer) I didn’t see any location
Any help to test and to solve to add location ?