Set up a custom report shows link clicks for every page

I have created a custom report that shows link clicks for every page on our web site.

Entry page URL
Event action


I have noticed that for example under our home page it shows clicks on links that is not on our home page but for another page deeper down in the structure. Do anyone know why? I thought it should only show link clicks that has happened on our home page if I choose to show the link clicks for our home page.![Skärmavbild 2020-08-25 kl. 10.08.24|690x431]

Hi Niklas,

When you view the segmented view of the URL, does it show the same URL as in the report? You don’t have url _paq.push([‘setCustomUrl’, ‘XYZ’]); in your tracker at all?


No, i have used tag manager for this. So I have only choosen two dimensions and one metric. Shouldn´t that be enough?