Set Markers for "Events"


i’m using Piwik for a couple of weeks and it’s just cool. I’m totally blown away :slight_smile:

We use Piwik in our Event Agency to track the visitors on a couple of pages we manage.
Now, after using piwik for a couple of weeks, one thing came up again and again that is really missing from piwik:
The ability to set up “events” or just “marks” in the timeline.

For example: We’re hosting events and parties a few times each month. For every event we send out newsletters, getting the event promoted in local radio and so on.
Of course we want to see how every promotion affects the traffics on our website, but managing everything through goals is just impossible.

Now what I have in my mind is this: The User is able to set up “marks” for the Timeline.
For example, we set a mark “Newsletter sent” and it will be rendered into all timeline-graphs for every widget in piwik. Or a mark “radio spot released”. Whatever.
I made up a quick mockup in photoshop to show you how it could look like:

With this marks rendered into each graph one can easily see how some events directly affected page traffic or goal hittings.
Think about it.


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Create annotations in the Graphs and list all Text notes for a given date range · Issue #1253 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub (Annotations)


Yes, that’s what I mean. Sorry for doubleposting this feature request.

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No worries. Feedback is how we make Piwik better, gauging interest, identifying pain points, etc.