Session Recordings: Only tracking some page views, not the complete session


we have used the session recordings plugin for several customers. Normally we set up the recording for a specific page and than it records when a user enters this page and everything that happens in this session.

Now, we have a customer where we implemented everything the same way, but it does not track the whole journey. For example we said URL contains /contact/. Than I would expect that the recordings starts as soon as someone enters the /contact/ page and than everything after will be recorded until the session stops. But what we really see is for example only the contact and a next page view and than the recording stops. In the user profile we can see, that the session hat several page views afterwords, but they are not recorded.

Our client uses the on premise version. We have set up different tests. Even with URL is any, we do not see the whole journey.

Any suggestions what we could try to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Daphne :slight_smile:

Hello @njoyom For us to investigate on this further, could you please send us a screenshot of the session recording configuration you created and send it to Looking forward to your email so we can help you sort this out.