Session Recording Plugin Playback behavior: Pause on Resize Events

I’m using the session recording plugin. I’ve noticed that when playing back session recordings, they pause at the resize event, which doesn’t happen during any other event. This implies that the user needs to use the play button to continue viewing the recording.
In my case, I’m using Matomo version 4. This behavior is also observed in Matomo 5. An example of this playback behavior on the demo server is provided below.
I’d like to suggest the possibility of developing a change that allows session recordings to play without interruptions during resize events.
Has anyone managed to find a way to avoid this behavior? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rocio_Godoy
As this concerns premium feature, I’ll let @innocraft answer to your question…

Hello @Rocio_Godoy What you are experiencing is a known bug issue. This has been raised to our developers. We don’t have a time frame yet when it will be fixed but I’ll keep you updated on this thread once it has been sorted out. Thank you for your understanding.