Session Recording not working reliably

We just installed 3.2 upgrade from 3.1.1. We had not started using session recording til now, but are having several issues.

  1. recording seems to happen sporadically, and then stop. So we cannot get new recordings to work.
  2. There is an issue with the UI. When you go into manage a session recording the first time, it seems to work fine. But the second time, The rule section dropdowns do not function:


There is no way to fix this, except for logging out, and logging back in, and then the rules only work the FIRST time you create or edit. The second time you go to edit or create, this problem comes up again.

We have created a rule that looks like this, and we are NOT getting recordings. It did for a bit, and then nothing. No matter what we can’t get recordings going. We did make sure that our piwik.js was writeable, system check works fine.

One more image:

I have not resolved the UI issues with the dropdowns being empty, this still occurs, but it doesn’t seem to actually effect the functionality.

I have resolved the issues with session recording not working. Even with the piwik.js being writable, it wasn’t being written. So when I run:

sudo -u www-data /var/www/html/console custom-piwik-js:update

Then it all works fine. We scale our system heavily and do not use a shared filesystem, so to solve this we have added this command to a cron job on each piwik instance running every 5 mins, and at startup, to pick up any changes that may be necessary to write to the JS.

Idem issues for me with Robert :frowning:

@ragboy @DM13 Thanks for the report regarding the empty dropdown elements. We will investigate and come back to you as soon as we have some updates.

@ragboy Regarding the piwik.js being writable but not written to, this is a new issue that we haven’t heard before, especially as you already confirmed that the system check was green. We will also investigate.

@ragboy @DM13 What browser do you both use?

I am using latest safari 11.01, but it also occurs on latest chrome on mac. Haven’t checked windows.

Ok, we’re now able to reproduce consistently and will address this issue as soon as possible. Thanks,

(FYI: as a workaround, you can reload the whole page of Piwik “Edit session” which should then display the dropdown correctly)

Ok Matthieu. (I am using latest safari)

We have investigated and found the solution to this issue, and will release a new version of the plugin Heatmaps & Session Recording next week.

Thanks again for reporting it @ragboy