Session Recording is not working after update


After installing the recent update, Session Recording does not take any records any more. I went through the tasks mentioned in the troubleshooting webpage, but could not identify any problems on our side.

Any known issues?


Hi @markusdus
You can try to force the database update:

As this concern Premium feature, you can also contact our support, by email…

Thanks, tried it, didn´t help. I even tried the new plugin in a complete new installation. Didn´t work either.

Do you also use heatmaps? Do they work?

Yes, but they do not work neither

Hi @markusdus
Waiting for a response from @innocraft, can you check, on your tracked website, if an HTTP request to /plugins/HeatmapSessionRecording/configs.php? is done? And what is the response?
Are you sure the configuration is well done? (targeted url and so on)

Hi @markusdus ,

Do you mean plugin update or Matomo update?

I mean: Plugin Update.

Hi @markusdus ,

This issues has been escalated, will keep you posted once an update is provided.

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