Session Recording Hidden Elements

(Paul) #1

I’m on the latest version of the system and the plug-in however the latest batch of session recordings for our landing page seem to be recording a hidden HTML element. We use Joomla! and there is a hidden login module that is activated by pop-up however all of the session recordings seem to show module been present at the bottom of the page. We don’t think this is the case we can’t replicate it so I think it’s a problem with the session recording. Please see attached screenshot. The overlay text is the text from the login module. The we have a problem with their page poses a problem with the plug-in ?

(Jason) #2

Hi there,

Please refer to our guide here: How do I hide (exclude) certain elements of my web page when viewing a heatmap? - Analytics Platform - Matomo to exclude the pop-up.


(Paul) #3

The article states copy the css element then what ? I cant find anywhere in session recordings where I exclude an element ?