Session expired after upgrade to the latest version

Hey there,

I am facing an issue after major upgrade to the latest Matomo version. I have Googled a lot and see it was an issue with some older versions, but it happens again to me (never happened before this upgrade).

The thing is that right after I visit the dashboard I get notification : Your session has expired due to inactivity. Please log in to continue.

When I login and go back to the dashboard, same notification happens.

I tried fixing it buy modifying core/Session.php , but seems like all needed changes are already present in latest version (Session Inactivity Timeout) and after few of reconnects I get temporary blocked because “too many failed attempts”

These are cookies I see once I reach dashboard:

If any other information is needed, please let me know. Anyone else facing same issue?


Do you remember from which version you updated (were you on the latest version before or did you skip a few updates?

I have done all upgrades without skipping any. Not sure by number but I believe it was 4.1


Do you by chance have any sites visible to the anonymous user?

I have just checked it further and anonymous have no access to the website, meaning user has to be logged in to be able to see content of it

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