Servers Sizing - Tag Manager only


We’ planning to use Matomo for the Tag Manager feature only (On-Premise), we are not interested in Tracking or other features.
We have around 10+ websites, the total number of page views per month is around: 25,000,000. The Matomo requirements are Matomo Requirements for the full features:

Tracking 100 million page views per month or less

  • Three servers at minimum recommended:
    • 3 x App servers (or only 2x), with each: 16 CPUs, 16+ GB RAM, 100GB SSD disk.
    • 1 x Database server, at least 16 CPUs, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD disk.
      • optionally 2 x DB servers: second one replicated and configured as reader/slave
    • 1 x Load balancer
    • 1 x CDN recommended

Since we’re only planning to use the Tag Manager feature only, are those still valid servers sizing? if not can you please provide me with the minimum server sizing and details necessary?

Thank you.


If you are using Tag Manager only then no visitor should be able to trigger any serverside code, so you shouldn’t need any kind of larger server.
But you will probably need a strong server or CDN for delivering the generated JS files.

And that said, I think noone talked about this yet on the forum, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it.

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Thank you @Lukas, we will still go for a powerful dedicated server and see how it goes from there. I’ll try to update you guys here once we get things tested so that others can benefit from it since no one else is probably using this feature alone.

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