Server setup question


I’m just starting to experiment with Piwik. I’m liking the system a lot an I’m planning to start using it by default in our custom CMS. Our CMS is a hosted service, that is being used by a number of different sites. So all websites using the CMS run on our servers.

Now with respect to the server setup of Piwik I was wondering which scenario would be better (if any is better than the other at all ;)):

Scenario 1: we use one dedicated URL (subdomain) for the Piwik system, it would for example be a subdomain of our company website. And each website using the Piwik module would include the javascript referencing to this URL. This off course means that all websites serve third-party cookies instad of first party cookies. But I was wondering if this has any benefits in terms of tracking (across sites)?

Scenario 2: each website running our system automatically get’s a separate subdomain for piwik ( Internally the subdomain still references to the same install on the server. But on the frontend it means that the Javascript now references to the website’s URL and thus serves first-party cookies.

Is there any scenario better than the other? Any advice on which way to go?

Thanks in advance!

in both cases Piwik will use first party cookies, since they are set in javascript in piwik.js

both solutions are fine.