Server Log Datei Import Win7


I am not really firm with a shell therefore I have some troubles with the use of Log Analytics. I have tried the description but was not successful until know.

I have installed Python 2.7.9 on Win 7
My Piwik is installed on:
The logfile is on: D:\Log\web.log

Which string I have to enter unter cmd (shell) to be successful?

I have tried:

"c:\program files\python\phyton.exe --url= d:\log\web.log"

But I got an error message that the syntax is wrong.

I know this:

python /path/to/piwik/misc/log-analytics/ --url= 
--idsite=1234 --recorders=4 --enable-http-errors --enable-http-redirects --enable-static
--enable-bots access.log

Are all parameter necessary?
What does mean "/path/to/piwik/" ?

Could somebody post me the right string?