Server Configuration

Will have a very large number of hits per day. Wanting to know the best way for server configuration. Currently have 2 servers with a third server as a mounted drive for the database. Data is being corrupted about once a month. What about going to two servers with webservers and piwik installed with config files pointing to a third server which houses the DB (mysql) config and tmp file

Hi there, this is a common way to setup Piwik and it should work fine. If you experience any problem please just ask here!

if you succesfully setup this architecture, it would be GREAT if you could do a little writeup in the post: 301 Moved Permanently

we would really appreciate that!

Thanks for answering back!

We are expecting possible traffic to be up to 5,000 hits every few seconds. Our current setup is becoming corrupted as I mentioned earlier which could be how we currently have it setup. We are unsure as to why the data is becoming corrupted though.

Once we test and have it completed I can do a write up on our experience with it and what we found.

I did want to get your opinion on our current configuration…we have two servers A and B…A has piwik, lampp, apache, PHP, MySQL installed…B has lampp, apache, php installed. A & B are linked with the tmp php, config, and piwik.config files. B sends its data to A which then goes to the attached storage. Do you feel this is the reason for our data corruption? Because everything is slamming A and A also has to write to the drive?

5000 hits every few seconds is probably too much for Mysql to handle & allow analytics query on such huge dataset.
Otherwise, I’m not sure why table gets corrupted, maybe a mysql high load issue?