Serious problem w my website direction

I added Piwik from my PowWeb hosting site. Then when you tried to access my website it was directed to Piwik. Obviously, that was not my intention.

So i Uninstalled it (BTW there were no special instructions) now my website is in limbo when you type in my url here is the address it is forwarded to

and this is the message
SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘pwk_6ki77nobnj.pwk_user’ doesn’t exist

I am desperate and I just want my website back what can I/you do to correct this problem? Please respond ASAP

The official Piwik release is packaged where all its files (except for some readmes) are in a folder called “piwik”. If you installed Piwik via Powweb’s InstallCentral, then you’ll have to contact them for support.

To get your site back and running, at minimum, you’ll have to replace the ‘index.php’ file (in your main web directory) with whatever was there before. (Obviously, we don’t know what that was.) If you hosting provider does backups for you, then you can probably recover it that way. Otherwise, it should be possible to reinstall the files/webapp that was there before. Either way, your hosting provider is in the best position to assist you in this regard.