Serendipity + Piwik

I’m new to both Piwik and the Smarty templates that Serendipity uses, so I’m a little lost here. I took a look at the Smarty crash course and a few online tutorials to try and get a sense of what I was doing, but I must not be getting it because I’m having trouble finding an appropriate way to enter the Piwik code into my template. When I put it into the template file I want it gives me an error that the Smarty class doesn’t recognize the “var” command. Has anyone had any luck getting Piwik integrated with Serendipity? If so, where did you ultimately put the code and integrate it into the Smarty templates? I’ve searched around online for some how-tos but haven’t had any luck thusfar.

Any suggestions or helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Did you use {literal} + {/literal} tags?

We had a smarty issue some weeks ago: