Sequence Tracking of an Individual Visitor

BACKGROUND: I have a landing page that forces individual visitors to make a choice. As there are two ways in which they can make the same choice on the same page, I would like to determine which way is the most effective. In order to achieve this I must know which path each visitor is taking.

The choices involve a hover, two clicking actions, one with an image swap, the other not, a video hosted by a colorbox iframe, etc.


QUESTION: Where might I find a sample code that shows how to track the sequence of actions of an individual visitor? The tracking need not be live, and I prefer even that it is not.


DISCUSSION: Since there has been no reply, please allow me to stimulate discussion around this issue. Would it make sense to call a time stamp and visitor ID with each event and then segment the report according to visitor ID and report the result according to the time stamp of each visitor action.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this approach? Can anyone suggest anything better?