Seperate reports for outlinks with full URL and outlinks with domain summary

I am wondering if there is a way to enable Actions>Outlinks>Clicked URL to show the full URL with the entire subpath and to export this as XML instead of grouping clicked links into a ‘list of most popular domains’.

As in, say on my site I have 4 links to external domains: (20 clicks) (5 clicks) (10 clicks) (30 clicks)

In this scenario, Piwik reports the outlinks as: (40 clicks) (25 clicks)

Yahoo is shown to be the ‘most popular’ resource but with regards to Topic1, Google is actually more popular. I want to be able to see specifics like that.

If this is not possible, I would make the feature request that the outlinks be shown in two separate tables: one that follows the current behavior of grouping links and listing most popular domains and a second, more detailed table, that shows the actual list of clicked full URLs (with folders/subpaths).

(This may be related to trac tickets 158 and 579, both closed, though I’m not sure.)